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Some other cools sites relating to home made rafting.

Rafting The Yukon River

Rafting the Yukon River This is a link to a filmaker and Yukon rafter Brett Rogers' website. Check out the trailer to the movie "100 Days on the Yukon" on his site. Inspired by the National Geographic movie "Yukon Passage" Brett and friends rafted the Yukon on a home made raft and it looks like a hell of an adventure. Very cool.

You can also check the trailer out here:

Simple Home Made Raft Plans. Barrel Raft and PVC raft.

Simple Home Made Raft Simple barrel raft in a pool. And a PVC raft.

Poppa Neutrino the grandfather of the junk raft.

Poppa Neutrino. Poppa Neutrino and his crew have made many very large home made rafts out of junk, one they crossed the Atlantic on.

Rafting the Mississippi

Rafting the Mississippi. Great story about a group of friends who rafted down the Mississippi in 1964.

Balsa Wood Raft on The Ocean

Ocean Balsa Raft. Web page about the Manteņo Expedition. Pretty cool web site.