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How to Build a Raft

Home made rafting is for those seeking a low cost, uncommon adventure and a feel for simpler times.

Basics of home made rafting:

Home made raft building and the adventures that follow are an excellent way to experience life and the world. Within a few hours drive most people have a river to explore. Home made rafting requires only a small amount of carpentry skill to construct a fantastic floating home and navigation only requires standard boating knowledge and common sense. Trips can range from the weekend to a week to a month or more. Rafts can be constructed with wood for the frame and tractor trailer inner tubes, 55 gallon drums or foam for flotation. One distinct feature that makes constructing a raft especially appealing is the ability to add fixed living quarters with a bed, have the ability to cook while traveling, fish, read, play cards and legally camp on the raft anywhere along the river bank. Talk about freedom. Now that's the life!